Monday, March 20, 2017

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput’s talmudic orthodoxy flares up again

“For Catholics, anti-Semitism is more than a human rights concern. It’s viewed as a form of sacrilege and blasphemy against God’s chosen people. In recent weeks, our country has seen a new wave of anti-Semitism on the rise. It’s wrong and it should deeply concern not only Jews and Catholics, but all people.”

And there you have it straight from a ‘conservative’ noahide Novus Ordo archbishop — the Talmudic Jews are sacred and holy persons — when the reality is that they like Chaput are guilty of blasphemy and sacrilegious behavior.  Why don’t Francis, Chaput, and others of their ilk drop their conservative modernist façades and come out as the Talmudists that they really are?

More on Chaput:

the head of the Vatican’s propaganda department talks about his boss

“[Francis] has helped people rediscover the joy of what it means to believe. I think that despite anyone’s limitations, despite their sins, despite the crosses one might have to carry, there is an inherent joy in the Christian life.”

— Greg Burke —

more of Mr. Burke speaking about his ‘humble’ dear leader

A fitting way to celebrate four years of modernist chaos.

St. Mark’s Anglican Choir sings an Evensong Service
in the Baptistry of St. John in Florence, Italy

Not to forget the Evensong Service which was performed in St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican on the following day.

Francesco Giorgi Venuto must be smiling...

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Fake news from the lamestream religious media

The Opus (Ju)Dei staffed Rome Reports is at it again...

Rome Reports says, ‘Francis is popular due to his holiness!’

The Reality...

 Americans must be too poor to attend his general audiences.
Canadians attend but Americans do not.

He can’t even fill St. Peter’s Square up to the obelisk!
(The temperature was 70 F — 21 C.)

Typical supporters of Francis...

Homosexual Elton John!

Madonna Louise Ciccone

The War on Terror — By Way of Deception


Friday, March 17, 2017

Abp. Guido Pozzo discusses the Society’s talks with modernist Rome

“The path of reconciliation between the FSSPX and the Holy See has been pursued persistently since 2009, albeit gradually and at different stages. Today we can say that the rapprochement has progressed a lot, and we can be confident that the rupture will soon be overcome with the canonical recognition of the Fraternity in the legal form of a Personal Prelature.”

“I think it is clear that the possible acquisition of a governing church or a church in Rome by the SSPX presupposes full reconciliation and formal legal recognition by the Holy See.”

“The problem then is not the Vatican II Council as such, but a certain form of understanding, practice or application , which is called the ‘spirit of the council.’ Pope Benedict XVI spoke of a ‘true council’ and a ‘virtual council’, the latter being the fruit of the power of mass media, the modernist current in theology, in other words, has eclipsed the authentic ‘mens’ [Latin: mind] of the council fathers.”

“On the other hand, the preservation of the spiritual, theological, liturgical, disciplinary and pastoral identities of the priestly brotherhood [FSSPX] is guaranteed by a special law with its corresponding statutes.  There are no fixed time limits.  Let us entrust ourselves to the intercession and maternal support of Our Lady of Fatima, whose hundredth anniversary we are celebrating this year.”


St. Patrick, Bishop, Apostle of Ireland